Patrica Keough-Wilson Christian writer author and poet

In Development:

Author's Note: I value honesty and truth so here’s mine as an author. I lack discipline as a writer. I want to do better at that. I tend to do all the other chores on my daily and weekly task list and consider writing as a reward done at the end of a too long day. I don’t go back and revise when I should. I dwelled in the land of first draft journalism for too long maybe. Newspaper deadlines don’t allow for much rewriting. So here’s what I am working on with hopes I will one day complete some of them, if not all of them.


High Price Paid

Summary:  A novel about two people falling in love with what each thinks the other offers only to discover that each has paid a high price where more might be lost than gained. Seen mostly from Kathryn’s point of view. First draft completed, under revision and self-editing.


The Chameleon Man

Summary:  The novel that will let readers into the mind and emotions of Blake, the main male in the High Price Paid novel. Part of the first chapter written; much of it fermenting in my writer’s brain, often as I fall asleep at night.


A Children's Book of Poetry

Summary:  I thought I was writing a few fun poems about frogs, porcupines, owls. Had never written that kind of poem. Those who have heard them suggest I am on my way to writing a complete book but will have to find an illustrator. For now, I just keep adding poems as they spring from my quirky brain.


The Long Goodbye

Summary:  Poetry on losing my mom and the challenges of aging: A group of poems written as my mom aged and then left us to dwell in a far better place along with poems my mother wrote and glimpses of our relationship and of an amazing woman. I have been encouraged to turn this into a book by others who have lost parents. I’m almost ready to consider that possibility.


Poems by Patricia Keough Wilson

Summary:  Poems seem to be my second language. Not the rhyming kind, the prose-poetry kind. I post some on my website; I share some on FB. I write them as they soothe intense feelings and capture scenes and experiences in my life. They have common threads that are part of living. I only began opening these to other readers. For most of my life, I was the writer and sole reader.