Patricia Keough-Wilson Christian writer author and poet
A collection of poems by Patricia Keough Wilson and Millie Keough,
Patricia's mother and her
writing inspiration.

There were so many moments in my life where my mother Millie, strong-willed, fiesty and brilliant, showed us how to be leaders, particularly in times when women weren't supposed to be leaders. She was the quintessential trailblazer, but never cliche. Among the many endeavors Millie pursued, writing was among them. She was an author, a writer, a poet, a journalist, and she didn't hold a high school diploma. In her later years before she died, Millie authored a book on the village of Saranac Lake, NY, capturing the rich history of the Adirondacks and celebrating those pioneers. For me, she was one of them.


Millie kept a journal before it was cool. For years, she journaled, wrote poems and continued her path toward refining her craft until her late 80s. She took classes at the local community college, wrote a weekly column for the area senior newspaper, and never let her love of writing sit idle.


She was also a strong Christian woman, a believer of saying the rosary and prayers. She believed in the power of prayer.

It's these two gifts she gave me, and gifts I now share with you.

She is my inspiration for writing a novel, for continuing my poetry. So I share her legacy with you in these poetry pages. While an amateur by some standards, she was a professional in every sense of the word for me and many around her.



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