Writing for Others

My entire writing career has been consumed by writing for others, primarily telling stories of companies, moments, people, legislation, industry changes - a combination of feature stories, reporting and opinions. On the side, I've always written for joy, for myself and for a very limited audience. Now, that I've broached real retirement, I find myself writing for others again. Yet this time, the writing and stories are entirely different - a song of joy and personal expression. I find freedom here. In the final stages of polishing my first novel, I spend countless hours debating words with myself, smiling sometimes at the choice, following characters where they choose to lead me and musing whether others will enjoy this as much as I have. I hope so. My creative writing has long stayed in the private arena. But, as I let go of my professional life, I found I missed writing for others. This, plus a strong voice in my head, echoed by my dear departed mother, encouraged me to re-engage in writing for fun, for joy and for others. So what was once private is now public. I welcome inquiries, thoughts, considerations and comments. My prayer is for authentic relationships with my readers. I crave it in fact. So, as I ponder posts on my blog, posts on my FB page and future contributions to my site, I keep you in mind. Besides entertainment and appreciation, I hope you find your time spent here valuable and worthwhile. I just launched my FB page. Please follow me on my writing for others journey. FB @ Patricia J. Keough-Wilson

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