Musings on Life

Day after day lived well or not unfolds into a life lived long, or short; fast and fierce, or slow and gentle. One by one, week by week, month by month, year by year, lives end, a life lived and then over. Maybe remembered, maybe not. And they say, “He lived a good life”, or “she was a good person.” Maybe a good person who lived a tough, hard, difficult life but remembered however briefly as a good person. Still there is that question. Is it better to live a good life or to be a good person? And who determines what a good life is; who gets designated as a good person? Kind of subjective isn’t it? Helps if you’re a Christian. Jesus provides ample direction on what God considers a good life, one lived with a purpose, one focused on being a true disciple. There are markers there of a good life. But what if a person lived a good life on the outside but was mean and angry, vengeful, bitter, on the hidden inside? Yet that person gets an acclimation of goodness etched into a tombstone. Do you care? The entire experience of a life being lived is a mystery, if we want to be totally honest and truthful. We’re so busy just living day after day that life slips and slides away until we go to bed young and wake up old. We plan to figure it all out during those elderly years when we’ll be too tired to race the clock each day. But then we are too tired to stay awake and think through what it all means. We count memories, and list loved ones instead, then doze off for a nap before the news comes on the television. Truth be told, today’s news seems like yesterday’s. War reports, politicians’ pronouncements, crimes committed, criminals arrested, found not guilty even though they are guilty, or maybe not. Grateful for the few feel-good stories. Weather forecasts once mattered, but it either will or won’t rain; sure as anything, the sun will rise. Thank God for that. Come to think on it, there’s something worth pondering. God, Jesus, mystery, salvation, words of wisdom. Hope spills out of that kind of thinking. Ah, maybe the good life is about the Good News. That’s the news of endless, undeserved grace when Jesus paid the price on the Cross. If you don’t know that truth, turn to the Gospels in the New Testament. Pretty exciting reading.

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