What Are The Delights of Your Heart?

Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

That’s Psalm 37:4

I spend part of each day reading devotions, Bible verses, and other books. Takes up to two hours. I have a mix of books, poetry, fiction, non-fiction, all chosen to either stretch my brain or to comfort my heart. Sometimes the same Bible verse pops up in several different books the same day or within a few days. That usually gives me pause. Often, the verse addresses something that is skittering across my brain, fretting my heart. The art of fretting and worrying were taught to me by a marvelous teacher—my mom. She was a master of these traits. If there was an Olympic Gold medal for those habits, she’d have won it.

It took me a long time to realize that fretting and worry are sure signs that I did not trust God to handle some of the stuff of my life. However, those habits are hard to shed. I think I’ve gotten past them, only to fall asleep worrying about a loved one, and then, waking up to resume that same thought pattern. Makes me think of a toddler carrying around a treasured, frayed, favorite blanket.

Recently, this simple verse keeps repeating in my thoughts, creating a needed memory path. Delight yourself in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart. What does it mean to delight myself in the LORD?

How do I do that as I watch horror and sorrow unfold on the nightly TV news or in the headlines of my daily newspaper? And what are the real desires of my heart? Do I even know? What circumstances of my life or in the world do I want God to change before I even finish the thought? Am I hoping, praying, that a challenge confronting a loved one will go the winning way out of love for that person or to relieve me of stressing over something I need to let God handle anyway?

Maybe, you are hoping I will now post answers to those questions. Nope, sorry about that. Still praying and thinking about the verse and the questions it evoked and more keep coming. Plus, some of my answers might be too personal, should be kept private. And the answers to my questions won’t match any questions this blog prompts for you as you read. For now, all I am doing is sharing how one verse of Scripture can linger and take residence in your heart, in your life, if you are willing. For me this verse has slowed my bad habit of fretting and worrying. Slowed, not stopped, but I’m willing to practice trusting God. I rely on the help me prayer. Help me know you more God and help me to trust you completely all the time. You are worthy of that trust.

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