Addicted to Books

I am addicted to books. If I read seven days a week, breaking only to sleep and eat, watching no television, abandoning together time with my loved spouse, ceasing all fellowship and contact with family and friends, and quit writing my own novels, poetry and memoir, I would still have shelves of unread books whenever the eulogy is given at my Celebration of Life service. This would be true even if I lived until over 100 and maintained the ability to read some of the more challenging books along with the faster, easier reads. Perhaps, attendees at that future event, could be cajoled into taking a small stack of books home.

Of course, the cessation of any interaction with society would mean I’d be spared any weather reports warning that a killer hurricane was headed toward my home in Florida. I’d look up, open book in hand, just as the winds battered my small mobile home, crashing windows, and flinging open doors to the torrent. In that case, my hundreds of books might just wash away or scatter through my neighborhood, soaked and unreadable.

A few days ago, I asked my husband what he thought his budget should be for stamps each month. He is an avid collector. Pen poised over my notebook, I was thinking $25. He thought higher than that. Still, it was a reasonable amount. I agreed my spending for books should be the same amount but pointed out that I’d defer starting our new budget until October. Truthfully, it is a paltry amount but we’ve run out of room on book shelves and have resorted to stacking them in totes, on the floor, everywhere. Minutes after I agreed to starting this new budget in October, I ordered more books. Three more weeks of madness before I have to honor that budget restriction, a forced slow down to my addiction.

Some authors of my books reside in more than the books with their names on the front covers. They dwell in my heart, and in my mind. I celebrate their presence in my life. Reading their books changes me, shapes me and expands my world. I am going to introduce my blog readers to some of the names on my favorite authors’ list. I’ll tell why they are on that list and talk about some loved books by them. If I get really brave, I may share words in books in the Bible that sing in my heart.

This will be a blog series. I’m not sure how many blogs I’ll write on authors I cherish as friends and trail blazers. When I’m done and moving on to other topics or taking a brief, quick detour, I’ll let you know.

Thanks for reading.

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