Introducing Robert Benson, favorite author number one in blog series

I know this. Robert Benson, author, keynote speaker, God lover exists. But not in Wikipedia. If you are a published author but don’t appear in Wikipedia, do you for sure exist?

Well, I have listened to Robert Benson at the Florida Writers Conference, hosted by the International Word Weavers Association, so I don’t need to verify his credentials in Wikipedia. I only looked because I may be a Wikipedia addict. So fast, so full of stuff, much of which I do not need to know but some that I do need to know. Some stuff there is so trivial; some the opposite.

On to Robert Benson, who should be in Wikipedia. Robert Benson is one of my favorite authors. I keep 18 or more books tucked into a basket by the chair where I do my devotions each day. Some of those books are on my daily read list. Others take turns being read and eventually I finish one, and add a new one. Books by Robert Benson are in the must read daily section.

I never heard of this shy, insightful, gifted, talented, truthful but funny man until I read that he was to be the keynote speaker at the writers’ conference. I looked him up on Amazon and ordered a book or two. I felt like he was a personal fan long before I slumped into a seat at the conference to hear him speak.

I am a fan of this humble man who openly shares deep thoughts and feelings. He asks questions that cause me to look away from the book and offer silent prayer. He provides answers that prompt me to thank God for the courage and openness of Robert Benson.

He makes me laugh, leads me to write about insights I gain from reading him. He understands the hearts of writers, especially writers who think about God, pray, question, write, open the Bible, are willing to allow mystery in their lives.

I may become braver and bolder as a writer because of authors like Robert Benson. And he has introduced me to other authors like Annie Dillard, and Frederick Buechner. Both of them are in Wikipedia. I’ll write about them in my favorite authors blog series. I can’t ask any of them if they care one whit if they are or aren’t in Wikipedia but I bet the answer is no.

I have no desire to be in Wikipedia. Being on facebook and having a website is scary enough. I know God loves me with all my eccentricities. But I struggle with being the very best me God whispered me to be, a phrase written by Robert Benson. I long to be simpler, less intense, less fierce on the inside, while overly quiet on the outside. The words I read in Robert Benson’s books soothe me, make me smile, laugh, and accept myself, with my weaknesses and strengths. I quit whining about me to the God who made me and thank Him instead.

I have a loved one who struggles with depression and anxiety. I have friends who battle those. I am moody and keep one eye on my down moods. Robert Benson has experienced depression. His words help shine sun on those stalking shadows, help warm the chill that pools in the soul.

I give away or loan books by Benson to others so they too can be blessed. Give this author a try. Choose any of his books. He has a website. Just google his name. Or go to Amazon and pick any one of those I’ve read. Praying, In Constant Prayer, Between the Dreams and the Coming True, The Echo Within, Dancing on the Head of a Pen. I’m reading In Constant Prayer and the next in line just arrived this week and waits its turn. It is Punching Holes In the Dark.

Thanks for reading.

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