Put down that shoe

Writing a blog on one of my favorite authors is on this week’s task list. I even picked out the author and some of his books but that blog will have to wait until next week. I woke up thinking about that idiom, “waiting for the other shoe to drop.” And I was immediately ticked. I don’t want the first shoe to drop. I want a vacation from shoe dropping.

No news about terror attacks anywhere in our nation; none elsewhere either. No headlines about one more shooting of any kind, not by an enraged driver, a man pictured in a grainy video holding up any business, not some tragedy in a mall, in a school, on a street. NOT, NOT, NOT.

And no coverage of a politician running for office at any level. Go find a statesman, a barefoot statesman, who won’t have a shoe to drop, a personal cause to promote or an excuse to make. Find someone who truly wants the best for the nation, not what will get him or her elected.

Don’t let my phone ring with one more conversation about a tough situation. Only send happy texts. No sad postings on Facebook or on any of those other social media sites. Just hold the shoes for one day. Let’s make it a national holiday, the no shoe dropping holiday. And anyone who picks up a shoe to drop will have to eat a huge bowl of a hated food, whatever that may be. No video coverage of that. We’ll accept a list the day after the no shoe dropping holiday but no video and no photos. Zero, Zilch. That will only encourage more bad or rotten or evil behavior.

What? What’s that you say? Getting anything like that through Congress and approved by the President is unlikely. A day off from news that triggers fear, sorrow, anger, frustration won’t fly? Many citizens don’t even know that idiom, where it originated, what it means. Young people will shrug and stare at their cell phones or tablets. Shoe manufacturers, stores that sell shoes, an entire industry will revolt. And what company would pay to advertise on a day devoted to peace and pleasant behavior? No ads, no media product. Accept that shoe dropping, shoe throwing are now popular pastimes.

I could have guessed that. I should have guessed that. Well, I knew it. Just wanted to vent. Here’s how to calm myself. Open my Bible. Live what I believe. And put down that shoe. Hurling it won’t help. Right, got it, doing it.

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