Are you a rescuer, a Super Hero?

I’m not sure if we’re all born with an urge to rescue, save, rush in,

fight the good fight, fight any fight. Maybe all those Super Hero cartoons, movies, comic books, shows on television, even news stories send that message.

And I know there are times when the action of one man, one woman saves lives, improves lives, transforms circumstances as in finding shelter for the homeless, health care for the seriously ill, rescue from a fire or drowning. I applaud all that.

But there are times I have leapt in to take on a challenge not mine to handle, times I have seized leadership not mine to do, times I wept because I failed in a rescue that was not mine to try. I’ve thought about this too fast reaction of mine every time it boomerangs back and knocks me close to senseless.

Here’s the deal. What is needed some of the time is a team approach. There is no I in team. And Jesus Christ who could have solved any challenge, rescued any soul, ransomed any prisoner, formed a team while on earth. He taught his apostles and disciples how to be lights in a too dark world. He chose a team that featured a variety of backgrounds, personality types, strengths and weaknesses.

Lately, I’ve been serving in a number of leadership positions. I’ve had the joy of working with

teams. I’ve gotten moody and despondent when I don’t step back, way back, farther back, and pray and think. God gifted me with the ability to lead, to think strategically and with many opportunities to learn how good leaders work with a team, not solo.

Maybe you’re not a leader. You might be a follower or a foot soldier. I am blessed with a man who supports me in my leadership roles. He’s truly my best friend. And a friend of ours described him as a good foot soldier.

We need leaders, team members, and foot soldiers in a world with an oversupply of challenges and problems. Think about that. And remember not to miss the joy in the world, in your life. I pray you are blessed and that you are a blessing.

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