Getting Organized- or Maybe Not

Are your closets all neat and organized. Not mine.

Glanced at a newspaper ad for items that would help you get your closet organized. Smiled, turned the page. All those shelves and clothes rods wouldn’t fit in our master bedroom closet or the one off my office, which is really supposed to be a second bedroom.

Don’t need a second bedroom, the only people who visit us are grandchildren and they seem perfectly content to sleep on the futon in my office. Even opening that takes some rearrangement as totes of writing go out on the porch so we can open the futon.

Our bedroom closet is slightly organized. The one off my office is scary. We live in a small doublewide mobile home. I’m certain sure that the professional organizers who advertise to help organize your home are not looking for clients living contentedly in a 1980 doublewide mobile home.

My method of making more room in the two closets is to get rid of unused stuff. However, I only have authority over my stuff. I can’t get rid of Ken’s old, very small, Boy Scout shirt with all kinds of buttons and badges. I can’t get rid of shoes stuck in a shoe deal hanging on the door of the closet in the office, even though he hasn’t work some of those shoes in years.

Certainly, I can’t reduce his collection of ties even though he seldom dresses up. We live in Florida and he lives in shorts except for attending weddings and funerals.

I’ve gotten rid of lots of clothes thanks to going gluten and dairy free. My body is healthier and thinner, gone from heavy to pleasantly plump, dropping two clothing sizes in a year. Out with the baggy stuff and in with a limited amount of clothes that fit.

I hate to shop so have only entered a store to buy needed clothes twice in over a year. I don’t try anything on. If it doesn’t work well once I try clothes on at home, Ken returns them. Entering a clothing store once a year is two times too many for me.

But even getting rid of my clothes hasn’t made more room in either of the closets. Something is not right there. It doesn’t make sense mathematically.

Our two closets are overcrowded and one is so scary I avoid opening the door. Let Ken wrestle with it.

If you really want to experience areas that need serious organizing, check out either of our two outside sheds. You are most welcome to do so. Not me. I’ve never set foot in either one. I don’t need that experience.

Maybe I should hire one of those super organizer professionals and let them have at the sheds. And then again, maybe not. I prefer staying married to my best friend, even if he won’t win the gold star, or any star, for keeping spaces well organized. He makes my heart leap and I like this man. I love him but I also like him. He’s my guy and he says, I’m his gal. Thanks for that God.

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