Long time, no write here

Not sure why but I simply stopped writing blogs on this site. Stopped adding new poems, abandoned the memoir. Just exited without a word to any of my readers.

I do have a blog on another site but that is no excuse for not writing here. I am determined to add to this site. Probably weekly. I'll include the address for my blog on Facebook as well.

Likely I need to edit my intro and other stuff. Don't hold your breath. I'll get to it eventually. And don't ask when eventually is either. I'm trying to remember today's date. Having a holiday on Monday, Memorial Day, leaves me trying to remember that we aren't on the day it feels. I think it has to be Tuesday but it is Wednesday.

The childish chant of rain, rain, go away played in my memory as we had a long thunderstorm today. I did not want to finish that chant. I don't want the rain to come another day for at least this week but that won't be the case. We are in the midst of the Wet Season in Florida.

Am posting a photo of me so you can see what I look like currently. This is the same photo on my blog on Facebook. Find that at facebook.com/highpricepaid.

I'll think through what I want to write and share here and do it at least weekly.

Thanks for reading.

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